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How Relationships Wire Children’s Brains: What Every Parent Needs to Know 



“The development of a child’s brain architecture provides the foundations for all future learning, behavior and health”.  

        The Harvard Centre for the Developing Child. 


This workshop will present the current neuroscientific research on the brain development of babies and young children. We will explore how the quality of the emotional availability and responsiveness of the adults around babies and young children, has a powerful impact on how the structure and function of the brain and nervous system are shaped for healthy development across learning, social and emotional domains.  


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As a result of attending you can learn: 

  • How social interaction is the most powerful influencer of brain, nervous system and mind development. 
  • How understanding basic child development can help parents feel more confident about responding age appropriately.  
  • The importance of the child-parent attachment relationship for a child’s emotional wellbeing  and resilience. 
  • How being aware of our own childhood experiences helps us to avoid replaying this in our parenting relationships. 
  • Understanding behaviour as a form of communication which tells us about what the child needs from us. 


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Feedback from previous training: 

‘Christina was excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic on the topic.’  

‘Best course I’ve been on thank you so much.’                              

‘Course structure was good from the start (introducing each person was very good at getting everyone involved) and it was very informative throughout.’ 

‘I found the whole of the topics so interesting, and they were really simply put so that we could really understand.’  

‘All of it was useful. Best course I have taken.’  

‘Every topic came together as one picture at the end. Totally Relevant. 

 ‘Absolutely fantastic training. Should be a must for all carers/care givers!’